Precautions Defendants Need To Take When Pursuing Bail Bonds

8 October 2020
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

Bail bonds are a great way for defendants to get out of jail when the bail amount is high. If you're considering such an option for the legal situation you're in, taking these precautions will serve you best moving forward. 

Find Out Premium

How much you pay a bail bondsman to cover the bail amount is known as the premium. This is a figure you want to find out quickly so that you can make sure you can avoid a particular bondsman's services or not.

Since you'll be in jail, you need to use your phone calls wisely. Reach out and see what the premium is for multiple bondsmen. Then you can do some quick analysis and see which service is best for your financial situation or your family's financial situation. Do this and you won't be overly stressed about rates.

Don't Forget About Collateral

Paying a bail bond is a lot more manageable than the bail's full amount—as the bondsman is covering a portion of the costs—but sometimes the percentage you have to pay may still be too much.

If it is, then don't forget about collateral. Many bondsmen today will accept other forms of assets besides cash, which can include things like jewelry, vehicles, and even real estate. If you pursue this option, do your best to follow the bondsman's terms so that this collateral isn't taken away from you. That would be devastating to deal with. 

Don't Get Re-Arrested

If you get a bail bond and it goes through, then you need to be extra careful once you are released until your next court date. If you were to get in trouble and end up back in jail, you're just making your legal situation worse and then future bails may get revoked.

Until you can physically show up in court and find out what legal steps you need to take next, avoid doing anything illegal. You can take the risk away by just staying home and avoiding any potentially compromising situation until your court date. 

If you get put in jail and bail is given, then you have the option of pursuing a bail bond. If it seems appropriate for your situation, then approach this bond carefully and make sure you know how your particular bond works. Then you'll get out of jail and do the right things moving forward. Contact a bail bonds company for more information.