Keeping Your Information Safe While Banking Through The Internet

12 May 2016
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

With the invention of smartphones and tablets came the rise of applications for everything that you can think of. Most people perform their personal banking by logging on to their bank applications or through the mobile website. While this is convenient, it can also be dangerous if you lose track of your device or if you are in public utilizing open WiFi. Here are some ways to protect yourself while using banking. 

Set your device to lock after short inactivity

If you are logged into your phone or tablet and you set it down while logged in, anyone can pick up the device and interact with your banking. Set your device to turn off a minute or less after no touch activity. This way, if you become distracted, you don't have to worry about your phone or tablet staying 'awake' and capable of further communication. 

Require a fingerprint for login

Others having access to your financial life can lead to years of clean up. If you want to make sure that no one else can log into your banking accounts, you should add the use of fingerprint technology. Many apps offer the option to utilize fingerprints or a pin, with a fingerprint being much more difficult to fake or guess. Adding fingerprint technology will secure your personal and banking information from any other prying eyes. 

Use data versus WiFi when possible

If you are out in public with free WiFi available, it can be tempting to connect to the WiFi network. When you are using online banking, it would be in your best interest to use your data network, rather than the public WiFi. When connecting to a public network, it is easier for others to hack into and view the contents of your online data. If you need to utilize the WiFi, be sure to install proper firewalls and security to your devices so that your information is more secure. 

Hide or secure apps 

If your phone is lost or stolen, the first applications that individuals may try to break into is your personal banking. If you utilize banking apps and applications that save your payment info for usage, you should put these into a hidden folder. This will obscure a potential gold mine for anyone who may be interested in stealing anything from your phone. With these locked up, you will only have to worry about phone recovery. 

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