Bail: Obey The Conditions Or Go To Jail

10 March 2022
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

For those stuck in jail, it's important to understand that bail is not just about paying some money and getting out of jail. If you don't follow the rules, known as bail conditions, you could end up back in the same place again. Read on to find out what you may not have known about bail that could mean a repeat of your jail experience.

Bail is About Conditions

The main purpose of bail is to ensure that the defendant returns to face the judge as scheduled. While bail is all about the money  for many people, it won't matter how much you paid to get out of jail or what method you used, you could still be arrested and jailed again if you fail to follow bail conditions like those listed below:

  1. You failed to appear. Failure to appear is an all-too-common offense on the courtroom docket. Those that don't appear as ordered can risk the judge ordering a bench warrant. That means law enforcement is instructed to arrest you and bring you back to jail. Additionally, those who have their bail revoked will be facing brand new charges in addition to the previous charges. Now the defendants are also facing more problems.
  2. You contact an alleged victim. If you are arrested and released on bail for certain offenses, you may be ordered to stay away from any victims or witnesses to the case.
  3. You are arrested again for any reason. Bail is often automatically revoked when you are arrested again regardless of the charges. You are also more likely to be denied bail for the new offense since you failed to obey the previous bail conditions.
  4. You associate with the wrong people. Bail conditions vary from place to place and are usually unique to the charges. In some cases, bail conditions order the defendant to avoid spending time with known felons, gang members, and more.
  5. Other common conditions include showing up for drug or alcohol testing, checking in with a court official regularly, not carrying weapons, and more.

Bail Bond Conditions

If you opt to use a bail bonding agency, bail conditions are often the same as those ordered by the court. However, some bail agents have the power to arrest those who jump bail (don't appear in court). Bail bonds, however, are a lot less costly than paying the full bail amount to the court. Bail bonding agents are often easier to contact than court officials if you have a question about your bail. Speak to a local licensed bail bonds agency to learn more about how bail bonds work and how to stay out of jail while out on bail.